As a multi-passionate person, I take an almost child-like delight in exploring all the things that light up my brain. This is the place where I record those moments in life; from food & travel photography, recipes, to life updates. Basically, what the good 'ol journaling used to be.   

I also run a very successful Mexican Food blog MUY DELISH and I hope you check it out and give it some love! Otherwise, I hope you stick around here and come back often. Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm ANA 


This Pasta Primavera is packed with flavors and nutritious vegetables! It’s roasted in about 20 minutes, making for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. Plus, you can customize with just about any vegetables you have on hand!

Pasta Primavera

Main Dish, Side Dishes

These big, thick & fluffy Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, restaurant style, are easier than you think to make at home! This is an amazingly versatile recipe! They are loaded with delicious blueberries and topped with a little tangy Mexican crema. A generous drizzle of maple syrup is just the perfect balance and if you prefer to use strawberries or […]

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes With Quinoa


This Tuscan Chicken is the perfect year round dish! Perfectly cooked chicken, grape tomatoes, shallots, garlic, basil and a delicious balsamic reduction!

Tuscan Chicken

Main Dish

Sliced potatoes cooked in a roasting pan

Lemony, garlicky and deliciously Roasted Greek Potatoes that soon will become your favorite to make! The vinaigrette is so good that you may want to use it on your salads.  I make these potatoes to go with skillet chicken or grilled pork tenderloin and since they pair perfectly.

Lemony Roasted Greek Potatoes

Side Dishes

Mini apple pies lined up on a blue background

GIFs are popular for a reason and are here to stay! They’re important for marketing purposes as they tend to engage your target audience longer and are way fun! We have all seen those funny memes of celebrity or adorable GIFs go viral and that’s because people simply LOVE this image format. They’re Appealing & […]

Talk about that GIF!