Talk about that GIF!

GIFs are popular for a reason and are here to stay! They’re important for marketing purposes as they tend to engage your target audience longer and are way fun!

Mini apple pies moving up on a board
GIFs are more fun than images!

We have all seen those funny memes of celebrity or adorable GIFs go viral and that’s because people simply LOVE this image format.

They’re Appealing & Effective.

Your brand should be using GIFs because it shows that you’re paying attention to internet trends. But more importantly, you should be using GIFs because they hold a higher visual power than images alone.

You can tell a story or show how things are made in a short amount of time.

While videos are great at captivating the attention of your audience, they are often expensive and take meticulous planning and execution. GIFs are the perfect medium between and image and a video.

I’ll be happy to talk about creating a fun GIF for your marketing campaign. Let’s do it!

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